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BDO and BoCount Dynamics


BDO is one of the largest auditing, accountancy and digital consultancy companies in the world. Organized as a federation of independent firms, BDO is present in over 140 countries with more than 1.000 offices. BDO Belgium runs 9 of those offices, employing 600 experts throughout the country. “As our customer base is rapidly growing, so is the volume of invoices we handle on our customers’ behalf”, said Joyce Martens, manager at BDO’s office in Roeselare. “We needed a solution that would offer a higher level of automation.”

BDO decided to implement BoCount Dynamics, a software platform for accounting firms and their clients, developed by Belgium-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner Christiaens. “Regulation and administrative requirements evolve all the time”, said sales manager Olivier Christiaens. “The challenge is the same for every company: keep in control of the ever-growing piles of documents and data, and turn them into valuable information.” BoCount Dynamics offers a user-friendly and flexible solution, allowing accountants – and their customers – to focus on activities with added value.


True automation

Document Capture is an indispensable part of BoCount Dynamics, as it enables an essential part of the solution’s automation capabilities. Document Capture acts as an end-to-end add-on solution for BoCount Dynamics that scans, performs OCR, registers and archives documents. “Before we decided to go with BoCount Dynamics, we already had experience with scanning incoming invoices at BDO”, Martens continued. “But the solution wasn’t automated, making the process a particular devious and time-consuming one. Document Capture’s tight integration with BoCount Dynamics was exactly what we were looking for.”

BDO’s accountancy and digital services come in various formulas. Some clients implemented BoCount Dynamics on premise, others use Christiaens’ SaaS version of the solution. Some clients perform most of the accounting on the platform themselves, others consult their data on a read-only basis. “Document Capture is the thread that links them all”, Martens explained. “Regardless of where the scanning takes place – at the customer’s site or at one of our offices – once an invoice is scanned, Document Capture’s OCR functionality automatically puts the right information from the paper invoice into the right digital fields, eliminating most of the manual work that used to be necessary to convert invoices from paper to digital.”


More and better services

BDO supports more than a thousand users on BoCount Dynamics, resulting in the scanning and automated processing of tens of thousands of invoices each year. Martens: “The amount of time we gain using Document Capture is quite significant. We use it to support our own growth, as it allows us to service more customers with the same team. And in doing so, the automation of repetitive jobs with little to no added value – such as the scanning of documents – enabled us to free up time we can use to offer more and better services to our customers as well.”

The combination of BoCount Dynamics and Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics NAV results in the integration of digitized documents within the user’s accountancy environment. “That’s a major benefit”, Christiaens continued. “When working in BoCount Dynamics, the digital image of the actual paper invoice is only a click away.” Customers who perform scanning themselves, send the images to a dedicated email address, from where they are automatically injected into BoCount Dynamics. “Processing invoices remains a key element of every accountant’s job”, Christiaens concluded. “Thanks to Document Capture, it’s an element that can be efficiently automated, without the hassle of adding a third party to the process.”


BoCount Dynamics powered by Microsoft

BoCount Dynamics is our innovative online accounting software powered by Microsoft. Easy-to-use and in the cloud. Close collaboration, powered by Microsoft and more than accounting.

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