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The cloud bookkeeper and accountant

Cloud accountant

More and more accountants and bookkeepers discover the benefits of working with online software (cloud software). Work everywhere and safe on the same data.

With cloud software you choose scalability, flexible subscriptions and sharing IT resources.  BoCount Dynamics is our powerful cloud software for accountants, bookkeepers and their customers.

Safe and reliable

Your data and information is safe in the cloud. You data is stored in the heavily secured data centers of Microsoft. You don’t have to invest in a own server anymore.

Collaborate better

Collaborate as a bookkeeper or accountant with your customers. You work together online on the same data and divide the workload. BoCount Dynamics is also accessible with smartphone or tablet.

Always up to date

Thanks to the cloud you always work on the most recent version of BoCount Dynamics. Thanks to the integration everyone works also with correct data.

Go digital and benefit

Choosing the right software in de cloud means efficiency. Less data entry, less paper document and more time for advice with added value. With BoCount Dynamics you choose DIGITAL ACCOUNTANCY.

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