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Cloud Jargon Translator


While the business benefits of moving technology to the cloud are clear, some of the technical jargon that surrounds cloud computing can be confusing. Here are a few terms that will increase your cloud IQ and help you understand the various options for deploying your solution in the cloud.


Demystify the cloud


SaaS: software as a service

Specific applications delivered through the cloud, typically for scenarios such as email, office productivity, customer relationship management, marketing analytics, and so on.


IaaS: infrastructure as a service

IaaS enables businesses to move their entire datacenter, including storage, servers, and software, to the cloud, essentially outsourcing management, security, and maintenance to the cloud provider.


PaaS: platform as a service

PaaS provides a complete operating system environment in the cloud where customers can develop and deploy software, applications, and services. The advantage is that PaaS systems scale seamlessly to provide consistent quality of service.



Virtualization creates a layer of abstraction between hardware and software, enabling entire datacenters full of servers and microprocessors
to operate as a shared pool of resources.


Public cloud

Public cloud refers to services offered to multiple users (or “tenants”) in a single datacenter.


Private cloud

Private cloud is a dedicated datacenter or server environment to deliver cloud services for a single customer or tenant.


Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is an enterprise IT environment combining some private cloud services, some public cloud services, and some on-premises computing resources.


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