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Why SME’s adopt new business management solutions

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As your business grows in size and complexity, and your customers expect better and faster service, the tools that once supported you may now be standing in your way. For small and midsize enterprises (SME’s), deciding to overhaul your accounting software or business management systems may seem like a daunting task.

But what is the real cost of trying to maintain a system that is no longer keeping up with demands? Whether the result is lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, or compliance risks, failing to update your technology can be a costly decision.


Why SME’s adopt new business management solutions?

  • Process integration (54%)
  • Resolve order processing issues (50%)
  • Replace outdated hardware and software (50%)
  • Resolve data duplication/errors (38%)
  • Reduce excess inventory (34%)

Source: Nucleus Research: Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Applications for

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